Friday, April 2, 2010

Simple edging

This is another Guest washcloth.It is simple, but elegant. It adds a touch of color to compliment the guest bathroom decor, without being too frilly, or time consuming.
First, crochet onto a washcloth (as shown in the previous entry called Crocheted Edging). Slip stitch in the first stitch made, and chain 2.
Second, Half double crochet in each stitch, with 3 half double crochets in each corner stitch. Slip stitch in the second chain of the beginning chain 2. Change colors, chain 1.
Third, Single crochet in the first three half double crochets, chain three, single crochet in the same space, * single crochet in each of the next 10 half double crochets, chain 3, single crochet in the same space. Repeat from * until you get all the way around. Adjustments in the single crochets need to be made at the corners to ensure that the chain 3 loop is directly over the corner stitch and when you come to the end to ensure that the chain 3 loops appear to be evenly spaced. Slip stitch in the first chain 1, and finish off.
Adding a crocheted edge to washcloths not only looks nice, it keeps the edge of the wash cloth from fraying out and looking ragged. Lets face it, most washcloths that you buy are just serged around the edge and that serging thread begins to come out in just a few washings. After that the washcloth finds its way to the rag bag. Crocheting around them will extend the life of the washcloth considerably.

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