Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rooster Wall Hanging

The pattern for this rooster is from FIBER MOSAICS. the patterns name is COOK-A-DOODLE. I got mine from Jo-Anne Fabrics, but they can be purchased at www.fibermosaics.com for $8.00. The pattern suggest that you use fusible web to do the applique, but I always hand quilt, and it is very difficult to quilt thru fusible web so I use butcher paper.
First, I drew all the pattern pieces on the butcher paper and cut them out. Then I decided which colors to use for each piece from my scrap bag. Iron the pattern pieces with the waxy side down to the wrong side of the fabric scraps, leaving at least 1/4 inch seam allowance around each piece (I also numbered the feathers on the butcher paper so I would know what order to place them on the bird). Cut them out always remembering the seam allowance, also, there are a lot of curvy edges, don't try to go in and out, just cut in a line below the bottom of the points and clip in to the curve. That last sentence will make more since to you when you actually start doing it.
The background square is approximately 17". Use the diagram from the pattern to place the pieces on the background square one at a time with butcher paper down and right side facing up. Put a few pins in to hold it in position and use the needle turn method to applique. Turn it over and cut the background fabric away on the inside of the piece you just attached. Pull the butcher paper off, and go to the next piece. After you get the hang of it, it doesn't take very long. I did the whole Rooster in one evening watching TV. Sew on borders mitering the corners. Layer with backing facing down, batting, and Rooster facing up.
I use safety pins to hold all the pieces together. The rule of thumb is to place the safety pins close enough together that you cant put your hand on it without touching at least two pins. To me this means about 3 inches apart. Then start quilting. I hand quilt, but you could use a sewing machine if you prefer. I quilted around every piece and both sides of the inside border. I didn't do any quilting on the background because this is just a wall hanging. If it were to be a quilt, quilting should be about 2 inches apart. More latter on making the binding and hanger.

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