I love to quilt, This is a picture of a very ambitious project that was several years in the making.  It was the first  quilt that I hand quilted. I also hand embroidered it, and did a trapunto technique with the lettering, hearts and the swags around the bottom.
The rooster blocks were preprinted blocks (I believe they were from Dempsy designs).  It took several weeks to embroider them.  I used different colors for each of the roosters.
The sunrise blocks I drew myself.  I made a template on a large piece of paper so I could use it to make all the blocks the same.  First I taped the rooster block to the window and taped the paper on top of it so I could trace the scroll design.  Then I drew a sunrise free hand to fit inside the scroll.I took the rooster down and taped the template that I had made back to the window.  I tore out 4 blocks of white fabric the same size as the rooster blocks , taped tthem one at a time over the template making sure that the design would be centered and traced the design on the block. 

Then I embroidered the sunrise and the scroll design adding daisies and leaves on the rounded parts of each scroll.
The lettering, hearts and swags are my version of sort of a fake trapunto.  I cut them out of white fleece and placed them under the top layer of fabric on top of the batting and quilted them in place.  All this was done after layering the quilt.  I picked red for the backing of the quilt so the fake trapunto would show up better.  this too was a long process of getting everything layed out in place just the way I wanted it. I will talk more about the process in subsequent postings.
There are all kinds of quilts and different techniques and I have tried most of them.  Some I like more than others, I hope to show as many as I can. 

Lone Star Baby Quilt