4 1/2' X 18'
My Garden is actually a large raised flower bed in my back yard.  This picture was taken a few weeks ago when I first planted.  I will take more pictures as it fills in.   I intend to keep track of every thing I pick so I can figure out just how profitable a back yard garden is, even if you don't have very much space.
So far I have tomatoes, lettuce, onions, garlic, black-eye peas, and Chinese egg plant. 

This is the first batch of lettuce I picked from my little garden.  The leaves are large, and very tender.  I have both Romaine and Red Leaf Lettuce here.  It was enough lettuce for 6 salads, about the same amount that is in a medium size bag of salad mix at the store
My garden is really starting to grow.  I have peppers already coming on.  The tomato vines have a lot of blooms and they are getting large enough to train to the fence.I have two Chinese eggplants that I put tomato cages around so when they get larger I can train them to grow vertically in the cage, not sprawled out like they were last year.  I also put up a fence for the peas to climb on but they are still to small yet.
We have been enjoying fresh salad for a while with our lettuce and green onions and today I took a large bag of lettuce to one of my neighbors.