Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hot Dish Mat

Materials needed: Solid color or striped fabric--One eight inch circle, Eight six inch circles.
Large print fabric--Four eight inch circles
Small print fabric --Eight five inch circles
Quilt binding
Interlining--One eight inch circle
Set aside interlining circle and large solid or striped fabric
Fold and press all remaining circles in half, then in half again. Then turn the two fold edges into the center crease line and press to make a tent. Place the 4 Large print 8 inch tents on the interlining circle.Tack tips in center.

Add the solid color or striped tents, lining up the outer edges, and making sure that the fold lines match up. Tack tips in place.

Add small print tents directly over the solid or striped tents. Tack tips in place. Put the eight inch striped or Solid color circle on the back. Baste around outer edge to hold tent flaps in place. Cut a length of quilt binding long enough to go around the dish mat plus the length needed for a loop. Open it out flat, then iron in half. With raw edges out, sew binding to the right side of Hot dish mat, making sure the tail (loop) end of binding passes over the raw edge of the beginning of binding. Turn binding to the back, and blind stitch binding in place by hand. attach tail of loop to the back.

As you can see, the finished Hot Dish mat is very nice looking and can be made to match the color scheme in your kitchen or for holidays, for instance --colors of red, white, and blue for 4TH of July. Pastels for Easter. Red green and white for Christmas. Shades of green for St Patricks Day. Your imagination is the only limit.


  1. it is cuter than i imagined it. a picture does go a long way. are you going to sell this on in the both. i am not sure how to do it but if people start viewing and following your blog you could state a price if they wanted to buy the one you made instead of making there own. you may also go to those free pattern sewing sites and link your blog to them and that may start people looking at your blog

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